Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why Corey Russell? Why Set a Fire DFW?

Set a Fire DFW (October 3rd & 4th) - TWO Nights of extended worship, prayer, and the movement of the Holy Spirit will be the biggest event that I have ever organized for the Body of Christ. I have been working on it since January.  What started out as a vision for the Body of Christ to come together, seek God for revival in DFW, and experience ministry from people who are going deep in God, has become so much more than that....

We are finding each other...the hungry ones who are not satisfied with just living a Sunday morning Christianity experience.

The intercessors who have been praying for this metroplex and their cities for a decade are finding other like minded people and are encouraged that momentum is coming.

Pastors of small community churches, leaders of house churches, and hungry hearts in mega churches are finding each other and encouraging each other in the things of the Spirit. It has been refreshing, fulfilling, and glorious for those of us organizing, praying, and working on these two nights together.

We now have 8 ministry partners bringing people to these two nights of meetings.

So why have I been so passionate about bringing Corey Russell (from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City) to DFW?

Corey Russell's book "The Glory Within: The Interior Life & the Power of Speaking in Tongues" propelled me back to my first love in Jesus. It was the catalyst I needed to step over and back into the place in God that I used to know as a young CFNI Bible School student.

Somewhere along the way in this journey called life (somewhere between all the business ventures, raising babies, and politics), I had lost my fervency in prayer and communion with God. I still ministered, I still worshipped, I still spent time with God, but not in the way that I knew was out there. Not with the passion of my first love.

That is where a trip to Romania (praying with radical Romanian Bible School students for a week) and reading Corey's book THREE times changed my life forever.

Then I watched a message by Corey Russell from One Thing 2012 on Thanksgiving 2013 that again sent me into a new level of hunger for God and into the passion of Jesus for His bride displayed in John 17.

Corey's books - ALL of them have radically transformed my heart to seek this beautiful Son of Man, Jesus, every day of my life.

I know what the ministry of Corey Russell does for my heart and my interior life in God and I want as many people to experience that fire and revelation that I have experienced.

So when I asked the leadership of Reality Community (we are an elder -led leadership team) to sign onto my crazy vision of bring Corey Russell to Dallas Fort Worth and a big room for 720 people, they said YES, and I almost fainted. I have dreamed, prayed, and thought about Set a Fire since January and here it is....

We are just a few days from this crazy dream I had back in December and January...and I want you to come. You NEED to come! This is NOT just about two nights of meetings - this is about radical transformation by the Holy Spirit in your life and the life of your family.

This is a CALL to the hungry ones – the ones who want MORE of God and who feel a tug in their hearts to find their purpose and to live for something greater than what the world has to offer.

This is a call for the Body of Christ in Dallas Fort Worth to come together, not to just another conference, but to know JESUS in truth, intimacy, and freedom.

So why Clayton Brooks (The Oaks Worship) and Jonathan Lewis (Christ for the Nations Worship) leading extended worship times at Set a Fire DFW?

Same selfish reason - these guys impact my heart in a deep way toward Jesus. Their worship, I know, will mess you up! They are both passionate pursuers of the beauty of Jesus. They are also humble men who love their God, their families, and their communities of faith with a passion.

We are all in unity together to see one thing - God impact our hearts for His glory!

Join us! This is a CALL to the hungry ones! Registration only $30 for TWO NIGHTS till the day of the event. $40 at the door.

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