Friday, July 4, 2014

Top 6 (or maybe 7) Christian Music Projects of 2014 SO FAR

Again, I cannot wait till the end of the year for my top 10 list, so I am releasing my top 5 (now 6, maybe 7) albums of the beginning of 2014. You have to download these NOW! Don't wait!

Thank you again for letting me have the privilege of speaking (writing) into your life about music choices. I am just one little worship leader/songwriter, but I have an addiction to good Christian music and more specifically independent Christian music or worship music.

It is hard to put them in any kind of order because I have listened to them all over and over again.

Our family of radical worshippers have sang out "You Make me Brave", "Glory be to the Righteous One", "Future/Past", "Christ Be All Around Me", and Israel, our 17 year old has playing the piano part of "I Stand Before Almighty God Alone" over and over again till I can't take it anymore. (I will get you later Brandon Collins!)

I am not going to give you more than a few words on these albums because you just need to preview them and buy them.

One thing you will notice about my choices during the beginning of 2014 - 5 out of the 7 are LIVE albums.

#1 You Make Me Brave - Bethel Music (Live)

Where has Amanda Cook been all my life? These songs are amazing and how in the heck does she write Wonder spontaneously- with a perfect verse, chorus, and bridge? This all women led worship album from Bethel is glorious - Kari Jobe, Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger, Jenn Johnson, Kristene DiMarco. Love, love, love. Just get it - trust me! Download it here on ITunes.


#2 One Thing 2013 - Sing Your Praises (Live)

The best One Thing album in many years - Zach Dinsmore's song Glory Be to the Righteous One takes the cake with I am Yours by Jonas Park coming in a close second. The whole album is exceptional songwriting from the IHOP Forerunner label and, of course Matt Gilman gets everyone dancing with Sing Your Praises. Download it here on ITunes.


#3 Majestic - Kari Jobe (Live)

I was there for the live recording in Dallas at the Majestic Theatre. I love Kari - her heart, her passion, her voice, and her simple songwriting. Cody Carnes is the best backing her up on this live recording- he is an outstanding male vocalist, worship leader, and songwriter - the man flows with God just like Kari does. Forever is the next Revelation Song. This song is going to go around the world. Enough said - just get it. Download the deluxe version here on ITunes.


#4 Leeland  - Christ Be All Around Me (Live)

I love Leeland going indie. I love Jack Mooring singing more on this album. I love  the band Leeland LIVE, period. I love these songs Where You Are and Christ Be All Around Me so much that they have been on repeat for weeks. I love these revivalists and passionate worshippers. Have I told you how much I love them? One day I am going to meet them, Lord willing.
"I can't get enough of Your amazing love. I can't walk away cause I have seen Your face. I just want to be where You are. I just want to be near Your heart. There is nothing like Your love." (Where You Are).
Please buy this EP. Glorious! Download it here on ITunes.


#5 John Mark McMillan - Borderland

Creative, inspiring, fabulous, great songwriting - John Mark McMillan gets better and better each album. This one took two years to make and it is worth the wait. Future/Past is our favorite family, but any man who starts an album with a song about his need for the Holy Ghost gets my respect. I love Holy Ghost - it is "different" but awesome. I love him and we all love this whole album. Download it here on ITunes.


#6 Jennie Lee Riddle & People and Songs

I Stand Before Almighty God Alone

Great arrangements, beautiful songs for the church, and a woman whose heart cries out constantly for God to Show Us Your Glory. You can do these songs anywhere - in a community church, a mega-church, or a house church. I Stand Before Almighty God Alone is a great anthem of the holiness of God and the need to release all offenses in His presence. Brandon Collins and Travis Ryan are so talented - you have to take notice. Download it here on ITunes.

#7 Bethel Music - Tides (Live)

I love TIDES live released the beginning of 2014 even more than Tides the studio album. Bethel is kicking some serious worship album butt lately. Heaven's Song by Jeremy Riddle has been on repeat from this album for months. It captures the moment that we had in DFW at the Bethel Worship Nights. Glory descended upon us! All the rest of the album  is wonderful as well. Download it here on ITunes.
See you at our Matt Gilman worship night on August 7th. Get tickets fast - the small theatre is already half sold out.

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