Saturday, July 26, 2014

Album Review: David Brymer - Beauty, Beauty

Here is a man who plays guitar, piano, cello and sings like an angel.

Add to that greatness is the revelations and songs that come out of "wasting" your life worshipping Jesus in a prayer room and cultivating praise on the earth.

Here is why I submit to you - David Brymer and his first full album - Beauty, Beauty.

David has been around the Forerunner Music crowd for awhile, writing songs that has shown up on the One Thing albums like Worthy of It All, and doing an EP with Misty Edwards called Measure of Love.

"David Brymer is the director of worship and the arts at Pasadena International House of Prayer in California, where he resides. David grew up under Mike Bickle’s leadership and served at the International House of Prayer from 2004–2007. He is an artist and psalmist who loves to minister to Jesus. Through his music and worship leading, David desires to bring healing to the brokenhearted and to bring people into their true identity as the beloved of the Lord." (Forerunner Music Site)

This album Beauty, Beauty is breathtaking on so many levels - the melodies, the lyrics, and the dramatic arrangements of Beauty, Beauty and Glory to God to the simplicity of songs like Not on My Time and Broken Bread. It is absolutely my new addiction.

David is giving this album away for FREE - Yes, FREE as a first fruits offering to the Lord. You can download it HERE and share the link with your family and friends.

Here are some lyrics from my favorite songs. You don't have to preview this thing - He is giving it away for FREE. Just download it and let God radically mess up your life. Put on REPEAT!

Here are some songs I wish I had written. (Yes, I have godly writers jealousy!)

"Beauty, beauty, beautiful - Glory, glory, glorious
You are - You are.
Take me into Your throne room
Let me see Your beauty, Let me see Your face."
(Beauty, Beauty)

"And then I realized You were not in hurry
You were taking Your time to make me more like You
And there I knew that You were able to perfect the work You started in me.

So keep me close to You - not on my time, but on Yours
Cause I wanna be with You where You are."
(Not On My Time)

"Your words are Spirit, Your words are Life.
We are the branches, You are the Vine.
You were broken for our life
And You poured yourself as wine.

It's broken bread - And poured out wine
From the Father through the Son to His Bride"
(Broken Bread)

Show this brother some LOVE and not only download the album, but BLESS him to make more albums. I can tell you that I am going to be needing more David Brymer music soon because I am going to WEAR this one out.

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