Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Voice is Here!


It is HERE - the first Reality Community single.
Here are the links to get it! Only $1 - everyone can afford that!



Corey Russell from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City said about THE VOICE, "We have to release this song like yesterday. Get it on ITunes like yesterday. We need anthem songs that give language to what God is doing in a generation. I love it!" 

The Story Behind the Song - Bunni Pounds & Brendon Edwards

Friday, December 5, 2014

My Favorite Christian Music Projects from 2014

It is that time of year again - the top 10 list of my musical spirit food from 2014.

I have tried to slow down on my music buying this year, but it didn't really work. Too many great projects from people I love. We have to keep supporting great artists and worship leaders who are creating music that feed our spirits and our minds with eternal truths.

Please again - BUY ALBUMS - in stores, online, however you buy music, but don't just watch YouTube videos or stream music - the artists make nothing on that. If you like a song or a project, please BUY it and support the artists who created it. (Rant over!)

Whether you are stocking up on good music for yourself at the end of the year or buying some Christmas presents - support these artists and their music. These projects have impacted my heart, challenged my own creativity, and stirred up more of a hunger for the Word of God this year. GET THEM!!

Rules to this yearly game:

#1 - Only listing Christian music projects (though I could give you a list of some of my best friends who have released some amazing Country, Folk, and Rock albums this year.)

#2 - They were all released in 2014.

#3  - I have listed them in the order of how much I have listened to them.

So here are the projects that I worshiped with, was inspired by, and sang to at the top of my lungs in the car, at my computer, or around my house -  All released this year in 2014. 

#1 Oaks Worship - Live from Seven Camp

Every song - I mean, every song has touched my heart since this was released on 11/11/14. Incredible songwriting from the Oaks team, but not only that - they flow with the Holy Spirit. Clayton's intro on this album just ushers the Holy Spirit into my living room or office on the first few notes. I have danced with We're Coming Alive, Dance in Your Freedom, and My Reward and wept through the rest of the album. I mean, wept. 

When we let God impact our hearts and set us free - this is the kind of ministry we produce. Thank you, Clayton Brooks, your lovely wife, and your precious team for laying aside the things that hinder the Holy Spirit. This is the beautiful fruit of your labor which will produce change in people who hear this project for years to come. 

 "Jesus, You're worth it all. You are so worth it all" (Though It Cost Me Everything) 
Get this album on ITunes for only $4.99 or get it for free on their website. (These guys rock!)

#2 Bethel Music - You Make Me Brave

I have fallen in love with Amanda Cook this year like every other worship leader in this country. I don't think I will ever get tired of this project from Bethel Music.

From the spontaneous song - Wonder to Shepherd to You Make Me Brave - Amanda blows me away; but when we get Jenn Johnson, Kristene DiMarco, Kari Jobe, Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger, and Amanda Cook all on one album, we are totally blessed in every way. You are amazing women of God! Thank you all for blessing us all over this world this year with this project.
Their website:

#3 John Mark McMillan - Borderland

One of my songwriting heroes, I was a Kickstarter supporter for this album and I was not disappointed. John Mark is one of the most creative transparent songwriters in Christian music right now and he bleeds out his heart in his songs. I love him and I love this album! Future/Past & Holy Ghost are two of my favorite songs this year. You can read my latest post on his night here in Dallas in November.


#4 One Thing Live - Sing Your Praises

One of the best written One Thing albums in recent history, this album is great from beginning to end. It helps that they really had a move of God last year at One Thing 2013 - one of the biggest young adult conferences in the nation. Start with Matt Gilman's Sing Your Praises, Jonas Park's I am Yours, and Zac Dinsmore's Glory Be to the Righteous One and you will be hooked on this project.

Awesome collection of worship from one of the most incredible four days of seeking God in the USA. One day I will get there and not just stream it in my living room for four days. Get to Kansas City if you can (December 28-31) or come over to my house in the evenings for the viewing parties. I will try to get out of my PJ's by the time you get here.
Put out by Forerunner Music:

#5 Leeland - Christ Be All Around Me

I never get tired of Leeland's voice, this band's musicianship, and most importantly their passion for the Son of God. When Leeland sings on this Michael W. Smith video for Christ be All Around Me, I want to scream, "That is the way to sing a song about the God who is really alive". Just wait for it! "Your blood was shed for every moment." I was so disappointed that Leeland's voice wasn't on the actual MWS recording when I bought it.
This band will be around for years to come because they keep running after Jesus. Love that Jack sings a song on this album. I love that it is LIVE and I can't wait for the next LIVE Leeland full length album. Go guys! Where You Are has been one of my songs of the year. One day we will meet....One day... I have to be one of the biggest Leeland fans of this century.

(Note: I know that technically this an EP, but it is so good it is included in the top 10.)

#6 Kari Jobe - Majestic

The Majestic Theatre in Dallas was beautiful, the music was beautiful, Kari's budding love for Cody Carnes (Yes, it was all over her face) was beautiful, and the songs were beautiful at this live recording; but JESUS was even more beautiful. Kari has continued to make one thing very clear even as a "Christian celebrity" - Jesus is the most beautiful person that she knows and she will continue to shout it out. This album is simple and beautiful because Jesus bursts out of her heart and her voice. You will love it if you haven't gotten it already.
Her website:

#7 Ellie Holcomb - As Sure As the Sun

I "found" Elle Holcomb on tour last year in her husband's band Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors as they toured with Needtobreathe. Wow - her voice, her passion - love her!

(Check out my favorite songs from Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors: Live Forever, Fire and Dynamite, The Wine We Drink, and Tennessee from this country/folk band)

This year on her own in the CCM world, Ellie became only the second independent artist, I believe, in history to win a Dove Award for Best New Artist of the Year. This album of biblical meditations is done with class, folk, and love. If you have been a fan of Bethany Dillon as I have for years, you will LOVE Ellie Holcomb. Don't just check out her radio hit The Broken Beautiful, check out all of it. FYI: She is also the daughter of famed producer Brown Bannister - one of my favorite producers.

Get this album on ITunes

Her website:

#8 NeedtoBreathe - Rivers in the Wasteland

I didn't make it to see NTB this year when they came through town (been a little busy church planting and tentmaking), but I was extremely sad to have missed them. My review of their concert here in Dallas in 2013 has now 6759 hits. Needtobreathe is my feel good music and they are amazing songwriters that make the listeners think while they entertain us. This is a great album to listen to in the mornings when you are trying to get up and get motivated for the day. Thankful for songs like Difference Makers, Wasteland, Rise Again, and The Heart as well as others on this album. This project does not disappoint -full of life, full of fun, and full of great musicianship and songwriting.

#9 Laura Hackett Park -

Love Will Have It's Day

From the moment, we got tuned back into the happenings at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (through a book by Corey Russell), my husband has been telling me that Laura Hackett is his favorite worship leader there. We worshipped with her live at the Prayer and Prophetic Conference in October 2013 and then streamed her two sets at One Thing 2013. We have watched those sets over and over again via YouTube since last December and we love this worshipper.
This album has the best of the Laura Hackett songs with incredible production by Dove Award winning producer Brown Bannister from Nashville.  From songs like The Love Inside, Lift Up Your Head, He Shall Reign, King Jesus, and Cover Me - Laura throws her theology and faith in the beautiful Son of God/Son of Man out for the world to see. It is real, transparent, beautiful, and well done. This project is highly recommend. I love that she sings to the Jewish man and makes Jesus real to all of us.
Congrats to her and Jonas Park as well for getting married right before this album was released. I love Jonas' EP put out this year as well. Also again check out his song I Am Yours from One Thing Live above.

#10 House Fires - House Fires II

Just discovered this album LAST week or it would have been closer to the top of this list. I am so in love with acoustic worship specifically geared toward the house church movement (since we are a part of that.) This worship team out of the Atlanta area is blowing me away with their songwriting, their simple productions, and their spontaneous movements with the Holy Spirit.
All I need you to do is watch this video and fall in love with the Body of Christ in its REAL form without hype. We, as the Body of Christ, are the people with REAL answers. "You are perfect in all of Your Ways. You're a Good Good Father."  Fall in love with House Fires! "You are the one thing that I need. Jesus, You are."

EP of the Year -

Lauren Daigle - How Can It Be

Come Alive  -This song is our church's calling to go after the wanderers and the broken and speak to the dry bones to come alive. This is going to be one of my life songs, I know it. Love, love, love all of these songs on this EP by Lauren Daigle.
This girl can SING, she can write, and she made friends with some of the greatest people in Nashville, Jennie Lee Riddle and Michael Farren. She has my vote for being awesome! She is also getting great radio play with How Can It Be. That is a bonus for her.
Let me know when you are coming to Dallas, Lauren, and I will help you anyway I can.


SINGLE of the YEAR -

Bunni Pounds - Life Eternal

Would it be wrong to list my own song? Probably, but I am doing it anyway. This song has taken me deep in God this year. I have had a revival in prayer since last December and it is only going to continue into 2015. Life Eternal has been one of my favorites to sing, to worship with, and to pray with. I am thankful for what God has been stirring in my heart again to write biblically based prayer songs to Him.

Starting Tuesday, I go into the studio to record an EP of prayer songs called TEACH US TO PRAY that will be coming out in 2015, Lord willing. If you like devotional worship songs, keep an eye out for that or subscribe to this blog. (I know that was really low, but this was really my favorite single of year...LOL!! ....)

Help me record more music - Get this Single on ITunes

Thank you for walking with me through some of my favorite music in 2014.

If you would like to look back at my lists from PAST YEARS - here are the links.
Tons of great treasures here that you might want to discover....

My top 10 list from 2013 (#1 Matt Gilman - Awaken Love)

My top 10 list from 2012 (#1 Aaron Keyes - In the Living Room)

My top 10 list from 2011 (#1 Leeland - Great Awakening)

Here is my half year list for 2014. Surprisingly a lot of the projects held on to the top 10 list.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Concert Thoughts: John Mark McMillan in Dallas

This was one of my highly anticipated concerts/worship nights this year. I couldn't wait for John Mark McMillan to get here. This man is different, real, an incredible songwriter, and creative musician. I was ready for something different. I was not disappointed!

The "We are All Animals" tour started out with Justin Jarvis (New artist with the Jesus Culture label). It sounded like Justin had some sound issues starting out because he was a little pitchy, but as the sound got fixed, he seemed to settle in. His last two songs were great including Heaven's Light. His live album Atmospheres put out through Jesus Culture is here.

With his band that looked like they had just jumped out of a 70's movie, John Mark McMullan took the stage with confidence and a cry for us to lay down our guns. Starting with the song Guns/Napoleon, he clutched his fist and waved it at the crowd. From the first note, I realized that JMM had an agenda of what he wanted to communicate - our need for God.

"I am handing down my armor. I am landing on my sword. On the brink of kingdom come. I am standing in a flood of everything I ever was and I am laying down my guns."

With a bear on one side of the stage glowing in the dark, we saw the power of the animals, but really our vulnerability in our own strength, and our need for surrender over and over again throughout the night.

Borderland, John Mark's latest album, is an incredible mix of songs - with music from different influences, different messages, and different genres. It doesn't disappoint as the best John Mark McMullan project to date with something for everyone from rock, blues, folk, and worship. Download Borderland here.

I had spent the last couple weeks listening to the Borderland Sessions - Commentary from JMM on each song and acoustic or different arrangements of the songs with special guests from Kim Walker-Smith, Bear Rinehart, Brady Toops, and his wife Sarah McMullan. I love this project and I learned so much about each song. I appreciated his honesty about Future/Past, Holy Ghost, Monsters Talk and others as he shared his thoughts behind the writing.  Download Borderland Sessions here.


Here is my top 3 moments of the night:

#3 Dancing to Borderland and watching the guys dance around the stage

#2 Worshipping with Future/Past, Heart Runs, Counting On, and Skeleton Bones.

#1 Singing Holy Ghost with other brave souls at the top of my lungs.

The Crowd at The Prophet Bar in Dallas
(Note: I will talk about the end of the night for just a second. As much as I loved JMM, his encore was lacking. My teenager was laughing as he and his guitar player came out to the front of the stage with no microphones and started playing something that no one could hear. Eventually he want into a crowd singing version of his worship hit How He Loves and then went into Medicine and Monster Talks to end the night. Our group wasn't a huge fan of the encore or the encore song choices, but the rest of the night was so good that we couldn't complain.)
The best part about John Mark was he ministered. In his nerdy intellectual creative expressions, he communicated to everyone at the Prophet Bar his need for a savior, his journey to constantly come back to the Father, and the reason why we need HIM. I so appreciated his heart to not just share his songs, but his heart for Jesus as well.
Thank you, John Mark, for doing everything you could to come to Dallas. We so appreciate all of you. We will see you back soon.
John Mark McMullan - Future/Past (from Borderland)
 John Mark McMullan - Holy Ghost - Acoustic in New Zealand

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why Corey Russell? Why Set a Fire DFW?

Set a Fire DFW (October 3rd & 4th) - TWO Nights of extended worship, prayer, and the movement of the Holy Spirit will be the biggest event that I have ever organized for the Body of Christ. I have been working on it since January.  What started out as a vision for the Body of Christ to come together, seek God for revival in DFW, and experience ministry from people who are going deep in God, has become so much more than that....

We are finding each other...the hungry ones who are not satisfied with just living a Sunday morning Christianity experience.

The intercessors who have been praying for this metroplex and their cities for a decade are finding other like minded people and are encouraged that momentum is coming.

Pastors of small community churches, leaders of house churches, and hungry hearts in mega churches are finding each other and encouraging each other in the things of the Spirit. It has been refreshing, fulfilling, and glorious for those of us organizing, praying, and working on these two nights together.

We now have 8 ministry partners bringing people to these two nights of meetings.

So why have I been so passionate about bringing Corey Russell (from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City) to DFW?

Corey Russell's book "The Glory Within: The Interior Life & the Power of Speaking in Tongues" propelled me back to my first love in Jesus. It was the catalyst I needed to step over and back into the place in God that I used to know as a young CFNI Bible School student.

Somewhere along the way in this journey called life (somewhere between all the business ventures, raising babies, and politics), I had lost my fervency in prayer and communion with God. I still ministered, I still worshipped, I still spent time with God, but not in the way that I knew was out there. Not with the passion of my first love.

That is where a trip to Romania (praying with radical Romanian Bible School students for a week) and reading Corey's book THREE times changed my life forever.

Then I watched a message by Corey Russell from One Thing 2012 on Thanksgiving 2013 that again sent me into a new level of hunger for God and into the passion of Jesus for His bride displayed in John 17.

Corey's books - ALL of them have radically transformed my heart to seek this beautiful Son of Man, Jesus, every day of my life.

I know what the ministry of Corey Russell does for my heart and my interior life in God and I want as many people to experience that fire and revelation that I have experienced.

So when I asked the leadership of Reality Community (we are an elder -led leadership team) to sign onto my crazy vision of bring Corey Russell to Dallas Fort Worth and a big room for 720 people, they said YES, and I almost fainted. I have dreamed, prayed, and thought about Set a Fire since January and here it is....

We are just a few days from this crazy dream I had back in December and January...and I want you to come. You NEED to come! This is NOT just about two nights of meetings - this is about radical transformation by the Holy Spirit in your life and the life of your family.

This is a CALL to the hungry ones – the ones who want MORE of God and who feel a tug in their hearts to find their purpose and to live for something greater than what the world has to offer.

This is a call for the Body of Christ in Dallas Fort Worth to come together, not to just another conference, but to know JESUS in truth, intimacy, and freedom.

So why Clayton Brooks (The Oaks Worship) and Jonathan Lewis (Christ for the Nations Worship) leading extended worship times at Set a Fire DFW?

Same selfish reason - these guys impact my heart in a deep way toward Jesus. Their worship, I know, will mess you up! They are both passionate pursuers of the beauty of Jesus. They are also humble men who love their God, their families, and their communities of faith with a passion.

We are all in unity together to see one thing - God impact our hearts for His glory!

Join us! This is a CALL to the hungry ones! Registration only $30 for TWO NIGHTS till the day of the event. $40 at the door.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Album Review: David Brymer - Beauty, Beauty

Here is a man who plays guitar, piano, cello and sings like an angel.

Add to that greatness is the revelations and songs that come out of "wasting" your life worshipping Jesus in a prayer room and cultivating praise on the earth.

Here is why I submit to you - David Brymer and his first full album - Beauty, Beauty.

David has been around the Forerunner Music crowd for awhile, writing songs that has shown up on the One Thing albums like Worthy of It All, and doing an EP with Misty Edwards called Measure of Love.

"David Brymer is the director of worship and the arts at Pasadena International House of Prayer in California, where he resides. David grew up under Mike Bickle’s leadership and served at the International House of Prayer from 2004–2007. He is an artist and psalmist who loves to minister to Jesus. Through his music and worship leading, David desires to bring healing to the brokenhearted and to bring people into their true identity as the beloved of the Lord." (Forerunner Music Site)

This album Beauty, Beauty is breathtaking on so many levels - the melodies, the lyrics, and the dramatic arrangements of Beauty, Beauty and Glory to God to the simplicity of songs like Not on My Time and Broken Bread. It is absolutely my new addiction.

David is giving this album away for FREE - Yes, FREE as a first fruits offering to the Lord. You can download it HERE and share the link with your family and friends.

Here are some lyrics from my favorite songs. You don't have to preview this thing - He is giving it away for FREE. Just download it and let God radically mess up your life. Put on REPEAT!

Here are some songs I wish I had written. (Yes, I have godly writers jealousy!)

"Beauty, beauty, beautiful - Glory, glory, glorious
You are - You are.
Take me into Your throne room
Let me see Your beauty, Let me see Your face."
(Beauty, Beauty)

"And then I realized You were not in hurry
You were taking Your time to make me more like You
And there I knew that You were able to perfect the work You started in me.

So keep me close to You - not on my time, but on Yours
Cause I wanna be with You where You are."
(Not On My Time)

"Your words are Spirit, Your words are Life.
We are the branches, You are the Vine.
You were broken for our life
And You poured yourself as wine.

It's broken bread - And poured out wine
From the Father through the Son to His Bride"
(Broken Bread)

Show this brother some LOVE and not only download the album, but BLESS him to make more albums. I can tell you that I am going to be needing more David Brymer music soon because I am going to WEAR this one out.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The John 17 Devotionals & Lyrics for Life Eternal

I finally have my John 17 devotionals in print form.
This little 16 page booklet is perfect for carrying in your Bible, in your purse or briefcase, or to give away to friends who need a breakthrough into intimacy with God.

Designed to be read in 7 days or you can read it all in one sitting for an intense study of the chapter, I pray these devotionals take you deep into the heart and desires of Jesus for you to be with Him. These 26 little verses have changed my life.

You can order the booklet by itself or order it in packages with physical copies of my single, Life Eternal. More music coming soon. Writing away..... 

Thank you for supporting the ministry.


You can also get the single song Life Eternal on ITunes and Amazon.

GET IT HERE ON ITunes - Life Eternal

GET IT HERE ON Amazon - Life Eternal



Friday, July 4, 2014

Top 6 (or maybe 7) Christian Music Projects of 2014 SO FAR

Again, I cannot wait till the end of the year for my top 10 list, so I am releasing my top 5 (now 6, maybe 7) albums of the beginning of 2014. You have to download these NOW! Don't wait!

Thank you again for letting me have the privilege of speaking (writing) into your life about music choices. I am just one little worship leader/songwriter, but I have an addiction to good Christian music and more specifically independent Christian music or worship music.

It is hard to put them in any kind of order because I have listened to them all over and over again.

Our family of radical worshippers have sang out "You Make me Brave", "Glory be to the Righteous One", "Future/Past", "Christ Be All Around Me", and Israel, our 17 year old has playing the piano part of "I Stand Before Almighty God Alone" over and over again till I can't take it anymore. (I will get you later Brandon Collins!)

I am not going to give you more than a few words on these albums because you just need to preview them and buy them.

One thing you will notice about my choices during the beginning of 2014 - 5 out of the 7 are LIVE albums.

#1 You Make Me Brave - Bethel Music (Live)

Where has Amanda Cook been all my life? These songs are amazing and how in the heck does she write Wonder spontaneously- with a perfect verse, chorus, and bridge? This all women led worship album from Bethel is glorious - Kari Jobe, Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger, Jenn Johnson, Kristene DiMarco. Love, love, love. Just get it - trust me! Download it here on ITunes.


#2 One Thing 2013 - Sing Your Praises (Live)

The best One Thing album in many years - Zach Dinsmore's song Glory Be to the Righteous One takes the cake with I am Yours by Jonas Park coming in a close second. The whole album is exceptional songwriting from the IHOP Forerunner label and, of course Matt Gilman gets everyone dancing with Sing Your Praises. Download it here on ITunes.


#3 Majestic - Kari Jobe (Live)

I was there for the live recording in Dallas at the Majestic Theatre. I love Kari - her heart, her passion, her voice, and her simple songwriting. Cody Carnes is the best backing her up on this live recording- he is an outstanding male vocalist, worship leader, and songwriter - the man flows with God just like Kari does. Forever is the next Revelation Song. This song is going to go around the world. Enough said - just get it. Download the deluxe version here on ITunes.


#4 Leeland  - Christ Be All Around Me (Live)

I love Leeland going indie. I love Jack Mooring singing more on this album. I love  the band Leeland LIVE, period. I love these songs Where You Are and Christ Be All Around Me so much that they have been on repeat for weeks. I love these revivalists and passionate worshippers. Have I told you how much I love them? One day I am going to meet them, Lord willing.
"I can't get enough of Your amazing love. I can't walk away cause I have seen Your face. I just want to be where You are. I just want to be near Your heart. There is nothing like Your love." (Where You Are).
Please buy this EP. Glorious! Download it here on ITunes.


#5 John Mark McMillan - Borderland

Creative, inspiring, fabulous, great songwriting - John Mark McMillan gets better and better each album. This one took two years to make and it is worth the wait. Future/Past is our favorite family, but any man who starts an album with a song about his need for the Holy Ghost gets my respect. I love Holy Ghost - it is "different" but awesome. I love him and we all love this whole album. Download it here on ITunes.


#6 Jennie Lee Riddle & People and Songs

I Stand Before Almighty God Alone

Great arrangements, beautiful songs for the church, and a woman whose heart cries out constantly for God to Show Us Your Glory. You can do these songs anywhere - in a community church, a mega-church, or a house church. I Stand Before Almighty God Alone is a great anthem of the holiness of God and the need to release all offenses in His presence. Brandon Collins and Travis Ryan are so talented - you have to take notice. Download it here on ITunes.

#7 Bethel Music - Tides (Live)

I love TIDES live released the beginning of 2014 even more than Tides the studio album. Bethel is kicking some serious worship album butt lately. Heaven's Song by Jeremy Riddle has been on repeat from this album for months. It captures the moment that we had in DFW at the Bethel Worship Nights. Glory descended upon us! All the rest of the album  is wonderful as well. Download it here on ITunes.
See you at our Matt Gilman worship night on August 7th. Get tickets fast - the small theatre is already half sold out.